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Record deal

Stacey Soloman record deal

Stacey Soloman record deal

Stacey Solomon has stated that she is still pursuing her dream of getting a recording contract and the she hasn’t given up.

Stacey a X Factor finalist admitted that she is still optimistic about the future

“I love singing and I’ve ­always wanted to make a ­career out of it,” she told the The Mirror.

“I entered X Factor to give my son Zach a better life and that’s still one of my main aims.”

She added: “If I’m successful, I can buy a house and give him a stable home. I haven’t got a record deal yet – but I’m not about to give up!”

Stacey debut single witch is a cover of Glenn Miller’s song ‘At Last’, came out last month

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Stacey solomon xfactor makes it to THE SUNDAY MIRROR!

Xfactor stunner Stacey Solomon makes it into the british press, the stunning Xfactor babe is one of the current hots on favorites for the winnng place in the Xfactor final after stunning Simon Cowell and the rest of the judges of Xfactor last night


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Stacey Solomon wants to win The XFactor for her son

Stacey Soloman X Factor

Stacey Soloman X Factor

Stacey Solomon would like to win The X Factor for her 17-month-old son.

Stacey wowed the judges with her performance lastnight of Louis Armstrong’s ‘What A Wonderful World’, and more to the point as well took Simon Cowell “by surprise”.

Speaking to to the Sunday Mirror : “It would mean everything. I’d be able to get Zachary into a good school and get him all the things he needed. Single motherhood is tough, but I’m determined to be the one that provides for my son.”

Solomon now has to juggling being a mother whilst working at a pub and being a musical theatre studies student and on top of all that  Xfactor.

I thought you where great stacey and I am sure alot of people will be wanting to see alot more of you.

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