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Stacey Solomon out of boot camp

I could be wrong and I hope that I am but anyone watching tonight’s X Factor couldn’t have helped notice the preview for next week at the end of the show and more worryingly a brief clip at the end of Stacey crying. Stacey was looking stunning in a white top ( the same white top that was in this post that’s now been removed from youtube ) and then when watched in slow motion there was a brief clip with someone in similar cloths shot from behind with Simon Cowell saying you have let your self down your going home. I really hope I am wrong and the fact I have had a few beers is affecting my judgement . Stacey if you are reading my hopes are with you – I know you can be a star

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Stacey Solomon boot camp video

Here is out lovely Stacey Solomon singing her hart out in boot camp. Stacey shocked judges last week with her amazing perfomance on The X Factor and yet again proves dont judge a book by its cover. Stacey surely has to go to the X Factor judges houses with this perfomance.

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