The X Factor Boot Camp

Stacey Solomon makes X Factor final wooohoooo

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Well Stacey Solomon made it through and my fears from last week where proved wrong thank god.

Stacey and the other finalists were detained at an airport in Dubai after flying out for the final audition round

Lucie Jones, Stacey Solomon, Rachel Adedeji, Nicole Jackson, Despina Pilavakis and Stacey McClean visited the United Arab Emirates state to face Dannii Minogue at the judges’ houses stage recently.

On arrival, all the girls and their  camera crew were held for five hours as security tried to determine what they were planning to film.

“Dannii was in a panic about what had happened to her girls when they hadn’t turned up after hours of waiting. No-one expected this. The trip was meant to be a big thrill for the girls but it turned into an ordeal.

“Normally when camera crews fly abroad to film, many countries have agreements in place to let them in without any fuss. But Dubai is a lot stricter.”

This week we will see Dannii whittling down the six contestants in this weekend’s shows.

More coming soon

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Stacey Solomon out of boot camp

I could be wrong and I hope that I am but anyone watching tonight’s X Factor couldn’t have helped notice the preview for next week at the end of the show and more worryingly a brief clip at the end of Stacey crying. Stacey was looking stunning in a white top ( the same white top that was in this post that’s now been removed from youtube ) and then when watched in slow motion there was a brief clip with someone in similar cloths shot from behind with Simon Cowell saying you have let your self down your going home. I really hope I am wrong and the fact I have had a few beers is affecting my judgement . Stacey if you are reading my hopes are with you – I know you can be a star

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Stacey Solomon boot camp video

Here is out lovely Stacey Solomon singing her hart out in boot camp. Stacey shocked judges last week with her amazing perfomance on The X Factor and yet again proves dont judge a book by its cover. Stacey surely has to go to the X Factor judges houses with this perfomance.

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