Cheryl Cole

The X Factor finalists

The X Factor finalists have all been filming return trips to home.

Stacey Solomon, Joe McElderry and Olly Murs have all this week been visiting their familys

Stacey Solomon is was seen with her mentor Dannii Minogue buying a McDonald’s and there is even rumours that she will be playing a secret gig some where in the town.

Joe McElderry returned to South Shields and was mobbed by hundreds of his fans. He went for a tour around the North-East yesterday, Cheryl Cole accompanied him as he met his old friends at Harton Technology College.

Olly Murs – not much news on him but he is expected to spend time this week in Witham, Essex, . Olly used to work in a call centre there as an energy advisor.

I also stumbled across this on the net which i though was rather amusing, Simon Cowells first television in on appearance on crappy 90’s TV quiz show “Sale of the Century” – enjoy 🙂

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Semi final

Stacey Solomon really showed the world tonight that she is a X Factor finalist.

I have to admit I was not struck by her first performance which I think was ultimately a bad choice by her mentor Dannii Minogue. There are many Michael Jackson classics that Stacey would have simply excelled at for the first round on X Factor but boy did she deliver on her second song ‘Somewhere’ . Stacey was simple amazing. I have to say though singing aside a really did enjoy her stage performance tonight on the first song as she strutted her very sexy stuff across the chairs

check out Stacey Solomon’s first performance below – Michael Jackson classic ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’

Then Stacey went on to sing a X Factor winning performance of the all time classic ‘Somewhere’

and wow this was simply amazing. You could see Simon Cowell mentally booking his next session of botox as his 2 acts where simply blown out the water – I am sure at this stage any act will we awarded a record contract but its quite clear that the winner will be Stacey Solomon or Joe McElderry

Check out Stacey’s simply amazing performance of ‘Somewhere’ below

And the judges had to say

Olly Murs – ‘Can You Feel It’

Louis: “Olly, who would have thought you’d be in the semi-final, the guy from Essex. Everyone loves you, you’re talented, you can sing, you can dance, you’re an all-round entertainer. You’re one step away from the final and people need to vote for Olly because he deserves to be in the final.”

Danni: “Can we feel it? We can all feel it in the room tonight. That was fantastic. Not only do you have the whole package, because we’ve seen you perform every week, but you were grabbing the package! If you pull out two performances like that you have to be in the final.”

Cheryl: “The sound in here when you were performing was deafening. It says it all. Everyone loves you, you’re an entertainer, and I hope to see you in the final.”

Simon: “What I liked about that was you should have been a bag of nerves, because I know how nervous you were yesterday and how much this means to you, but you put all that to one side and put on a great show. You sang really well, you look like a star, you have the presence of a star and I agree with the others – I just cannot imagine you not being there next week.”

Joe McElderry – ‘She’s Out Of My Life’

Louis: “Joe, that’s a really hard song you picked but you absolutely made it your own. Simon’s right, you have an amazing tone to your voice and you’d have an amazing recording voice. If you won, if you got into the final and won, you could sell millions of records. I think you have loads of talent, you’re the most consistent performer in the competition and there’s a big gap in the market for someone like you.”

Dannii: “Joe, you just clocked up another superb performance. It’s hard to believe you ever have nerves because you sing like a dream. I can hear you all over the radio and all over records. You’re going to do very, very well. You have to be in the final.”

Simon: “It’s becoming incredibly repetitive, which is very annoying, but you’re just getting better and better and better. I’ve heard a lot of versions of that song but that was one of the best versions I’ve ever heard. It was so stripped down, and the latter part where you changed the tone of your voice was absolutely on the money. It felt like it meant something to you. I’m really proud of you Joe, and of what you’re achieving.”

Cheryl: “I couldn’t be prouder. I’m speechless. That was chilling, everything it needed to be, passionate, emotional. Honestly, Joe, I think that was even better than anything you’ve done before, if that’s even possible.”

Stacey Solomon – ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’

Louis: “Stacey, you’re in the semi-final and I’ve been a big fan of yours all along. However, I wasn’t crazy about the song. I don’t think the song really suited you. With you it’s all about the voice and I think the whole production took away from the voice. Sorry, I thought it was the wrong song.”

Cheryl: “I disagree, I thought it was absolutely fantastic. Talk about yummy mummy! You look hot, you look the best I’ve ever seen you, and it was lovely to see you moving around the stage and performing for once. I really enjoyed it.”

Simon: “Well, it was fine, it just wasn’t you. It was gimmicky, silly, and with all the Michael Jackson songs in the world which you could have really, really nailed, for me that became too cabaret. You were thinking too much about getting from there to there, and what it did was it affected your vocals. You had too much to concentrate on. So I wouldn’t have done that, but the good news for you is you’ve got two songs tonight and I know you’ve got a fantastic second song. But that wasn’t the best performance I’ve heard from you.”

Dannii: “We’ve taken everything on board the judges have said for the whole series and put it together so you weren’t a ‘candle singing in the middle of the stage’. It doesn’t look like cabaret, this look suits you and you did it well. If you were an artist out there putting on a concert, you would be doing this. Any other singer would put on a show. If anything is affecting her vocals, it’s that she’s got infected teeth, that’s the only thing affecting her vocals.”

Danyl Johnson – ‘Man In The Mirror’

Louis: “Well, Danyl, as Dannii said last week this is a singing contest and you’ve definitely got the voice. I believed in you all along, you’ve had a tough time in the press, but on the vocal it was amazing. I love everything about your voice. However, Simon, what’s with the screens, the polar bears, climate change? It distracted from Danyl’s voice. Danyl, you’ve got the voice, I love it, but I think Simon will do anything to get votes.”

Dannii: “Danyl, I love that song and it was a really good performance. You’re back to the energy you had originally when we first saw you. But I agree with Louis, I was confused when the polar bear came on screen.”

Cheryl: “It was like ‘Earth Song’. But about the performance, it was really good to see you up there and giving it some. You’ve been through a lot but still come out and give 110%. That’s what you need to do to get into the final, so good luck.”

Simon: “Danyl, that was absolutely incredible, that performance. Absolutely on the money, genuine, brilliant. Sorry, but it was. What is amazing, is that you’ve got the guy’s career in the balance here after doing a fantastic performance, and all you two can talk about is stupid polar bears. He didn’t choose the polar bears, they’re not distracting from him. It’s supposed to be a tribute to the song.”

Olly Murs – ‘We Can Work It Out’

Louis: “Olly, that was another great performance. You’re consistent every week and you have the likeability factor. I liked that you didn’t pick a very well known song, but you made it your own. You remind me a bit of Jay Kay from Jamiroquai with the silly dancing, but it was really good. Are you going to make it into the final? I don’t know.”

Dannii: “You’re always a good performer. I’m not sure that song showed the best of your vocal ability. The dancing was spectacular. But you know what, if I was at home now sitting next to the phone I’d pick it up and vote for you.”

Cheryl: “I’ve always loved you, you’re an entertainer. I could hear you making that type of record, that style of music. I hope people pick up the phone and vote for you.”

Simon: “This takes me back, because it’s Stevie Wonder, to the very first time we saw you and what we liked so much about you. You’re the guy next door who dreamt about being a popstar and I think, taking everything into account over the last couple of weeks, that you thoroughly, thoroughly deserve your place in the final, and I think you’ll be there.”

Joe McElderry – ‘Open Arms’

Louis: “Joe, some people were born to sing and you were absolutely born to do this. You’re a natural performer. I loved the song choice and I think if you recorded that song in the morning you’d have a number one. You tick all the boxes, you’ve got a great recording voice, a great personality, you’re so likeable backstage – you deserve to be in the final.”

Dannii: “You’re rushing in and just making everyone love you all around the country. That song perfectly complemented the first song you sang. With those two, you’ve got to be in the final.”

Simon: “So your mentor decides on the most important night of your life to give you a song nobody knows. And you know what? It was 100% the right decision. Absolutely brilliant. You know what I admire about you – I’ve said this before – backstage, you’re really, really polite, you listen, you’ve learnt, you’ve become a better artist throughout the process, and I genuinely, genuinely wish and hope you are there next week because you deserve it.”

Cheryl: “You know what, that was the first time throughout the whole competition I felt nervous, and it’s only because I know how much it means to you to be in the final. It’s so easy for people at home to know how consistent you are and forget you need the votes, so I pray people pick up the phone and keep you in.”

Stacey Solomon – ‘Somewhere’

Louis: “Stacey, oh my God. That was incredible. You’ve definitely got your mojo back. I didn’t like you in the first part, but that song was incredible. The diva from Dagenham. You took on such a big song. Dannii, well done.”

Cheryl: “Oh my God, Stacey, that gave me goosebumps all over my body. That’s the best I’ve ever heard you sing. You put your heart and soul into that and we’ve got to see you in that final.”

Simon: “Stacey, you are back in the game, sweetheart. What I liked about that song in particular, was I loved the first part of the song where you had the voice we heard when we first heard you. That was the Stacey I really, really liked. Congratulations.”

Dannii: “Stacey, that was absolutely a perfect, perfect performance. You deserve this so much. You’ve worked really, really hard and come from absolutely no performing experience then get up there to do a performance like that, which was world class. You definitely deserve votes for the final.”

Danyl Johnson – ‘I Have Nothing’

Louis: “Danyl, the song is ‘I Have Nothing’, and I think you, Danyl Johnson, you have got everything. You totally deserve to be in the final because you have the talent and a vocal ability. You’re a born entertainer. You’ve had a lot of negative criticism on this show but I want people to judge you on your voice. And I would buy that version of that song if it was available.”

Dannii: “It was a really, really good performance. I didn’t love it as much as the first one.”

Cheryl: “Danyl, that’s actually the first time I’ve seen you physically shaking so I can see how much this means to you, and after that performance I wish you the best of luck to be in the final.”

Simon: “Danyl, I don’t think you’ve had fair criticism so far for what you’ve done in this competition, which is to sing your heart out, take on songs… we deliberately gave you a girl’s song so it would be more rebalanced, it’s one of the biggest Whitney songs of all time, and on the most important night of your life. I genuinely believe after everything you’ve done you absolutely, 100% deserve your place in the final.”

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X factor week seven

Stacey Solomon was simply amazing again this week and sailed through into next weeks X Factor

check out what the judges thught below

Lloyd Daniels – ‘Faith’

Dannii: “Lloyd, that was a great opening to the show. You look fantastic tonight – it’s like a whole reinvention. You’ve definitely got something that is the X factor and we can’t put our finger on it. I’m just hoping that each week the vocals keep going up and up, because where we are in the competition you need to have a wow moment. At the end of the song the falsetto was great – you need to use that more, that’s your trick.”

Louis: “Lloyd, I know you were under a lot of pressure this week because you were in the bottom two, but you came back fighting. I love your new haircut, I love your new image, I love everything – except the voice. I think you’re a real popstar, but I think you’re out of your depth now. I think there are better singers than you.”

Simon: “Actually, Lloyd, that surprised me because it wasn’t bad at all. I’m not saying it was the best vocal I’ve ever heard, but you look a lot better, you’re starting to perform to the public and it started to feel believable. Maybe you’ve started to believe in yourself. You stepped up in a week – very good.”

Cheryl: “It’s really amazing for me to watch you grow before my eyes. I feel like you’re turning into a little man. You look adorable and I think that was your best, most comfortable performance.”

Stacey Solomon – ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’

Louis: “Stacey, last week you absolutely stole the show, and I want everybody to know you are a great performer and there is nothing phoney about you. Whatever it is, star quality, you’ve definitely got it and I think you’re definitely going to make the final three. And Dannii picked a brilliant, brilliant song for you.”

Cheryl: “What’s happened now is your voice has become as big as your personality, and that’s what we were all waiting for. It was a great song choice, you just need to believe you can win now. You need to start believing you’re the winner because you could do it.”

Simon: “You are, as it showed in the film, one of the most genuinely nice people we’ve had on these shows. You really are, and I think you’ve turned into a little star. Do I think it was as good as last week? No, I don’t. It was a little bit mechanical in parts. The last part was very good, but the first part was a little bit clumsy. But there’s no question you’re going to be here next week. I’d be amazed if you weren’t.”

Dannii: “Stacey, that was such an elegant performance – so, so beautiful. I just have to say this show is all about dreams and making people’s dreams come true, and Cheryl’s right – you have to believe this could come true for you, because they [the audience] do.”

John & Edward – ‘I’m Your Man’

Dannii: “Wow guys. You look amazing. You know what really shocked me tonight – the singing was in tune and the rapping was out of time. I don’t know what’s happening now, I’m totally confused. It was fun…”

Cheryl: “Out of all the contestants you’ve been on the biggest and toughest rollercoaster, and no matter what happens you need to be really proud of yourself for coming this far.”

Simon: “I don’t think it was George and Andrew – it was Andrew and Andrew. But look, guys, it was a perfect song choice. I do think Louis is giving you too much to do. He’s turned you into his version of Action Man dolls. Every week, there’s crazy, crazy choreography.”

Louis: “Because they can do it! They never stop rehearsing. Everywhere I go young girls are shouting ‘Jedward, Jedward, Jedward’. These guys are connecting with them. I’m having the best time of my life working with you. But I need people to vote for you guys. This year would not be the same without them – we’d have no fun.”

Simon: “What I would say is you did have quite a hard time at the start and you have converted a lot of people. I think you’ve done that just by being relentless. You’re like an unstoppable machine at the moment.”

Danyl Johnson – ‘Careless Whisper’

Dannii: “Danyl, that is one of my all time favourite songs, a classic. I think Simon did the right thing by choosing a really original version of that for you – it was a wise move and you sang it perfectly.”

Louis: “Danyl, there’s no doubt you can sing anything, but I think you tried too hard tonight. I would have preferred a different arrangement. You’re a great singer but I think you’re trying too hard and I think Simon is making it very difficult for you.”

Cheryl: “I’ve got to be really honest with you, Danyl. Parts of that were really flat. The start was exposed because the track is so bare. But I think your image and performance are always fantastic.”

Simon: “Well, Cheryl, I think we were listening to two different songs there, I genuinely do. Because why that was so good, in my opinion, was that that is what is called respecting the song. Taking it, listening to it, and most importantly doing something original with it. No doubt Louis would have had you up in the scaffolding in a T-shirt. How can you say I tried too hard? By the way, to clear something up Danyl, you are 100% right to have chosen that song. It was your decision and it was the right decision.”

Olly Murs – ‘Fast Love’

Dannii: “Olly, Olly, Olly – Essex must be going mad for you tonight. You’re always polished and you know how to rock the audience. That’s a particularly hard song to sing, because you have to tune into the bass line. The first half did have tuning problems, but once you got into the higher register you were really kicking through so just watch that.”

Louis: “I loved everything about your performance. You have the potential to be the new popstar up there with Robbie, Gary, Will Young and the others. You’re a natural mover, and there’s nothing fake about you – everything about Olly Murs is real. You’ve got the potential to win this competition.”

Cheryl: “You know what the best thing about you is, Olly? You’ve got really broad appeal. Young lads think you’re cool and want to knock about with you, girls love you, kids like you. There’s no fuss about you, you get your head down and get the job done. You always come out and deliver. I really like you Olly, and I wish you all the best. And I really enjoyed your performance.”

Simon: “You’re going to have no problems with the chicks when you leave the competition! You are turning into a really, really, really good, fearless performer. You did something original, you put that difficult dance break in the middle. I see a huge, huge improvement in you week after week, it’s great.”

Joe McElderry – ‘Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me’

Dannii: “Joe, four judges standing for you! That was exceptional. And it’s kind of weird – when you first walked out I could see you were nervous. You don’t need to be. You have such passion and a real honesty to your voice. I love you. You deserve to be here and I would love to see you in the final.”

Louis: “That was definitely the best performance of the night vocally, in every way. The thing I like about you is you show up and do your job. There’s never a problem with you. You’ve got a great appeal, like Olly. I think you could be a UK Michael Bublé. The only problem is the songs were George Michael songs and Madam here [Cheryl Cole] broke the rules – that’s an Elton John song. George Michael sang a little bit of it but it was a hit for Elton.”

Simon: “Here’s a new rule – we’re going to stop you from speaking. Because after this young kid gets up on stage, does the performance of his life and absolutely 100% nailed the song – and you’ve got the audacity to sit there with your silly, stupid little rulebook again and say he only sang half the song… who cares? Who cares what you think? I’ve got to tell you, Joe, I take a little bit of credit for this because I told you in rehearsals to give it that extra 10% and you did, so congratulations.”

Cheryl: “Joe, you just stole the show. You absolutely smashed it and I couldn’t be more proud of you. I could absolutely burst with pride when I watch you. You’re adorable, I love watching you, and here’s to the final.”

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Queen Week 6

This week was Queen week on the X Factor and Stacey Solomon  is also feeling under pressure as the only girl left in the competition! But with a huge song where she can exercise her voice and really show off her talents, this week Stacey was simply amazing and easily the best performance in the X Factor, Stacey Solomon sang the Queen classic  “Who Wants to Live Forever”. Original Queen members guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor who had been mentoring this week where simply blown away by Staceys performance.

I also Though you might like to see Freddie Mercury perform the amazing original

And here is what he judeges has to say about all the remaining contestants

Jamie Archer – ‘Radio Gaga’

Dannii: “Jamie, you really know how to get the crowd going – we certainly saw that tonight. They absolutely love you. In some ways, that was a brilliant song choice – it’s what you do and they love it – but in other ways, it didn’t show off your vocal ability to what I know you can do.”

Louis: “It was a good song choice, it’s a crowd-pleasing song. But we’re looking for someone who’s going to sell millions of records, and I think you’re totally out of your depth. That just showed you’re a singer with a small voice and very big hair.”

Cheryl: “I think it’s always tough being first up, and I think you kicked off the show well. It was a good song choice, and I really like you, Jamie. I don’t like your hair, I have to be honest, not curly. I like it when it’s frizzy. And I’m glad you got rid of the jeans this week.”

Simon: “For you, what I know you want to achieve, the fact that you met Queen, the guys have given you an endorsement, and that was an incredible reaction from the crowd… you’ll be happy.”

Lloyd Daniels – ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’

Dannii: “I think you’re going to want to hear this so I’m just waiting for the audience to quieten down – I think you’ve now arrived. That was your best performance.”

Louis: “That was so much better than last week, because I didn’t think you were very good last week, but this was much better. You looked like you were having a good time. It’s very hard for a 16-year-old kid to do Queen. Much improved, but you have to do better next week.”

Simon: “I sort of agree with the others. It’s a little bit like a puppy taking part in the Grand National – it’s too big for you, but you’re having fun at the same time. I do think, however, it was actually better than last week’s performance, mainly because you started to lighten up a bit. Now you’re having a good time.”

Cheryl: “I’ve loved watching you this week – I’ve really seen you come into your own. This is what I was talking about, this is the experience you need to build on your confidence. I really think the penny dropped for you this week and I’m excited to see what we can do now.”

Olly Murs – ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’

Dannii: “That put such a smile on my face. You’re absolutely the best performer we have on the show by far. Your dance moves are absolutely incredible. I would say that musically it swallowed up your vocals. You know I’ve always loved your vocals – just be really careful the track doesn’t take over.”

Louis: “That was an electrifying performance, everything about it. You’re the person everyone has to beat. You remind me of Robbie, Gary Barlow, Will Young but probably better. You’ve got it all.”

Cheryl: “You’re one of the people I can’t wait to see each week. You’ve got charm and a cheeky little edge to you. I think you’re here for the long haul, I honestly do.”

Simon: “Bearing in mind you nearly broke your arm, you came back in, you don’t whinge about it. For once I agree with Louis. Watching this tonight you are reminding me of Robbie, because you’ve got an ability to always entertain. You always give 100% and I think this competition has been very, very good for you because you’re growing in confidence. Every single time you give 150% and you did great tonight.”

Joe McElderry – ‘Somebody To Love’

Dannii: “Somebody to love? If that’s the question, the answer is Joe McElderry. That was fantastic. That’s one of the biggest Queen songs – it’s hard for Freddie Mercury to sing and he can sing everything! You bring it on every week, brilliant.”

Louis: “That was a really, really big song for a little guy from the North of England. You did a great, great job, I love your stagecraft. But I think the choir helped you an awful lot. You’re maybe breaking the rules with the choir – I think it certainly helped you.”

Simon: “I’m assuming, Louis, that’s in your little rulebook. ‘We don’t have choirs on this show’. You’re nitpicking. Joe, if I’m being honest, I think you sang better last week. I do. I thought you were very, very good tonight, but at the beginning you kind of lost your way a bit. It started to pick up at the end, but I think the song slightly overwhelmed you. Having said that, I think you’re safe as houses for next week.”

Cheryl: “It’s irrelevant what they say. The people at home can hear, they’ve all got ears, and that was absolutely fantastic. Whether you had a choir or not you are technically the best singer in this competition. That song is a vocal rollercoaster and you sang it to a T.”

John & Edward – ‘Under Pressure/Ice Ice Baby’

Dannii: “Honestly, where do I begin? Let me ask you, Louis, with the rule book – where does Vanilla Ice fit in with Queen week, apart from the four lines that are mashed up? Louis’s rules and everyone else’s rules.”

Cheryl: “You know what, I am so happy to hear them chanting ‘Jedward’ for once. There are no boos and it’s lovely to hear. I think over the past few weeks you’ve come out here with a hard exterior and you kind of forget you’re a couple of 17-year-old lads with an opportunity, and you’re running with it. Good for you. And you’re entertaining – I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Simon: “I can’t judge you in the real world anymore – I have to judge you in Jedward land. If I kind of take myself there, I would say that was your best performance yet. You know what, I have to say this, there’s no point me getting angry or serious about this. If people like you, they like you. And I want to say this as well, guys – you’ve conducted yourself very well, because you haven’t whined, you’ve just got on with it.”

Louis: “That was your best performance, it was the most authentic performance. You look like popstars and when the idiot [Calvin Harris] jumped up from the audience it didn’t even faze you guys. Kids love you, they identify with you, and I want everybody to please lift up the phone and vote for Jedward – we need the votes.”

Stacey Solomon – ‘Who Wants To Live Forever’

Louis: “Simon, you’re the last girl in the competition, and that was incredible, professional… everything about it I loved. You look like a diva, it’s like you’ve been doing this for years and years and years. I want people to vote for Stacey.”

Cheryl: “That was absolutely stunning. You totally sang your socks off and that was beautiful.”

Simon: “Stacey, you know I will always, always be honest with you. I think that is important. And that was, by a mile, the best performance of the night. It’s like we’ve brought you back. All the ‘whatever’ is gone, and now we’ve got you back where we want you to be. It was brilliant.”

Dannii: “Stacey, I just want to say you had amazing comments this week. Brian [May] and Roger [Taylor] said, ‘Absolutely don’t change anything’ and you’ve made me so proud. You’ve grown into a woman overnight, and I’m not judging you in your own world or any other world, you’re in a singing competition and you deserve to be here. Please pick up the phone and vote for Stacey.”

Danyl Johnson – ‘We Are The Champions’

Dannii: “Danyl, I absolutely think that was your best performance in the live shows.”

Louis: “Danyl, there’s nothing wrong with being arrogant and confident if you’ve got the talent to back it up, and tonight you proved you’ve got it all. You’re here for a long, long time. That was the most convincing performance of the night.”

Cheryl: “I wasn’t sure when you started off, but you totally won me over by the end. And you look really handsome with your hair like that!”

Simon: “That was absolutely fantastic. What was so good about that was it was not a karaoke performance. You sang as if you meant it and acted the song, which is important. It was everything the guys have said themselves. Outstanding. Loved it.”

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Son Of A Preacher Man

X Factor Week Five Stacey Solomon

As much as i like Stacey I can’t help but think this song was not for her, don’t get me wrong she was great as ever and looking very sexy to boot. Anyway check out the video below and also the X Factor judges comments

Stacey Solomon – ‘Son Of A Preacher Man’

Louis: “Stacey, that was a great start to the show. I love Dusty Springfield, I love your new sexy look, you’ve definitely got personality and if the show was based on personality you’d walk it. However, I did think the song lacked a little bit of emotion.”

Cheryl: “It’s lovely to see you looking so sexy, young, cool – that’s what you should be, you’re a young girl. That’s the most confident-looking performance you’ve done so far.”

Simon: “I’m going to disagree with Cheryl, because I would call that a typical talent show competition, insomuch as it’s like eating Chinese food – you don’t feel anything afterwards, you still feel hungry. I just don’t think that was a particularly good performance. I thought it was a lazy song choice, and I think, for the first time since you’ve been in the competition, I think you’re vulnerable after that. I do.”

Dannii: “All I have to say is it shows how out of touch Simon Cowell is. That’s the best reaction you’ve had from the audience and I know people at home will love it. I know you had a problem with the word ‘sex’ – you can’t even say it! – but you’re flirty, young, cute, everything the song should be. You have the authentic tones of Dusty Springfield and it was cool – it’s what Duffy or Amy [Winehouse] would have done. Thank you, it was brilliant.”

Olly Murs – ‘Twist And Shout’

Louis: “Olly, I loved your performance last week, everybody likes you, you’re definitely one of the strongest contestants, but I liked when you were singing, I wasn’t crazy about the silly dancing. I think Simon picked a really, really silly song for a great, great singer. You’re better than that. Simon, why the silly song?”

Dannii: “Olly, you sang beautifully, it was a great performance, but something looks like you didn’t believe in the song. I don’t know what it was. And why go into Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ routine halfway through?”

Cheryl: “If you haven’t seen the movie it did look random. Olly, you only have to listen to [the audience’s] reaction. That went down a storm. But you are singing a lot of retro songs. One thing I want to do now is get you singing something contemporary.”

Simon: “Unfortunately, guys, the audience are speaking, and as for your comment, Louis, about this being a silly song – it’s one of The Beatles’ biggest hits! I honestly think where all of you have been quite mean tonight is he put on a great show. It’s called entertainment, and Olly, you are fantastic.”

Lloyd Daniels – ‘Stand By Me’

Louis: “Well, Lloyd, the good news is it’s much better than you were last week. Three weeks ago you were the cute kid in the competition, but at this stage I think you’re out of your depth, I don’t think you’re good enough. There are four better guy singers than you. Sorry.”

Dannii: “Lloyd, you’re a very, very cute guy and it was a cute performance. I thought vocally it was well chosen for you because there’s a certain range you can sing in and you can’t go above it. You lost it a bit when you came off the high note – I think you got so excited you got there that you lost your tuning. It was a nice performance.”

Simon: “It was nice like having tea with your mum – which I do like doing, mum, I love it. The point is, I think right now you’re out of your depth to be honest. You’re competing against big, big singers and it kind of feels to me you’re giving up a little bit at the moment. The second part when it went young, your age group, it was okay, but your voice isn’t big enough.”

Cheryl: “That’s unfair – he’s come back, he was in the bottom two, so yes he is down on his confidence. That’s normal, he’s had a knock. I thought it was the most comfortable vocal you’ve done so far. We did make it young, it was funky, cool – I don’t want to make you cheesy because you’re cooler than that.”

Jamie Archer – ‘Crying’

Louis: “Jamie, I am so glad that you dropped all the silly rock stuff. It was a great song, a very, very emotional performance, your best performance yet and the song absolutely suited you, but Simon, I don’t know the movie it’s from (Gummo). I think you’re cheating again. We all picked songs from big movies and stuck to the rules. I loved the song but I think you’re cheating.”

Dannii: “Jamie, that was an emotional performance, it was heartfelt. It was not the pub rocker. This is what we were saying last week – that’s what we want to see. Maybe you need to choose the songs.”

Cheryl: “I think Simon did you well changing the song, because I think ‘Unchained Melody’ would have been absolutely disastrous for you – that song’s cheesy, in my opinion. I think [‘Crying’] suited you brilliantly and I think you sang from your heart.”

Simon: “I have to say, this is all about you, Jamie. You chose that song, and this performance was all about you. I think it was your best performance by a mile. Congratulations.”

Lucie Jones – ‘This Is Me’

Louis: “That was a fantastic song choice. It’s not an obvious song, but it’s very cool, very contemporary. You look like a popstar and you remind me of one of those American girls like Taylor Swift. I predict you’re going to be the last girl standing. You’ve got star quality.”

Cheryl: “I think you’ve found your niche. I wasn’t familiar with the song choice, but it could have been your song. You just need to loosen up, let it be, enjoy it a little bit more because at times you don’t look like you’re enjoying it as much as you should. But I think you’ve definitely found where you should be.”

Simon: “This is the first time, for me, that you have made yourself relevant as a pop artist, because now the song and you are working. This is where we’ve had a problem, it’s all been a bit karaoke, bit this, bit that. But that looked comfortable. It’s not a well known song, but it’s a good song and I actually agree with what Louis just said – I think now you’re the strongest girl in the competition.”

Dannii: “All I can add is I’m not the only person who loves Lucie! That was a beautiful, beautiful performance.”

Danyl Johnson – ‘Purple Rain’

Louis: “Danyl, very few people can sing a Prince song and do it justice, but tonight you came out there and absolutely won everybody over. It’s hard to sing Prince and you deserve to be in the competition. You’re a talented guy and if we’re judging on vocal ability, you’ve got it all. I think you’re going to be in the final.”

Dannii: “Danyl, I love the new look. It’s a much, much better look. That was a really, really good performance. I loved the bit when you went into falsetto at the end… I don’t love it when you scream too much at the end. Your voice is very, very good, but you need to really, really use it. Don’t scream too much – it doesn’t do you justice.”

Cheryl: “I really like your demeanour tonight. You’ve lost the cocky attitude you had at the beginning but you’re not the broken man we saw last week. You’re somewhere in between – it’s nice. I like the hair, I love the hair!”

Simon: “I know I’m repeating myself, but I’ve got to say this again because it’s important to remember the context of the real world. That was an outstanding vocal, it was. I really, really mean this. I think this show has found a great, great singer who was almost broken, who has now got his confidence back up, and we should be proud of you, we should be supporting you, because I think you could go on to have a great career. I’m very proud of you, Danyl, well done.”

John & Edward – ‘Ghostbusters Theme’

Dannii: “I have no idea what I’m meant to be commenting on. I’ve honestly got no idea about anything constructive to say. It’s a singing competition – you either talk or you rap. I’m wondering what you’d release if you won. I love watching you perform but I can’t imagine listening to you on the radio.”

Cheryl: “You know what, you bring fun to this show. Whether people like you or whether people don’t, it’s fun to watch and you know, kids from like 3 to 10 absolutely adore you so good on you for getting up there.”

Simon: “Look, guys, I think we’ve established over the past few weeks that you can’t sing, but this was actually a good song for you. You actually did choose the right song for them, Louis, because based on some of the horrors we’ve seen before this was sort of good in a very childish way. I thought it was actually more entertaining than some of the karaoke stuff we saw before, so well done.”

Louis: “Guys, all I know is everywhere I go people are talking about Jedward. Every week you come out smiling, happy, and I haven’t had one problem with you. The world is full of doom and gloom and these guys are having fun. That’s what this show’s all about – fun.”

Joe McElderry – ‘Circle Of Life’

Louis: “Joe, you’re definitely one of the best singers in the competition, you tick all the boxes. But as Simon said in the VT I think you’re more musical theatre than popstar and we’re looking for a popstar. I think the song was a little bit predictable, a little bit safe. I think you’re better, you’ve got more potential than that.”

Dannii: “Coming from you with John & Edward, we’re looking for a popstar! Joe, you’re the best male vocalist in the competition, hands down. You’re the most likeable, most beautiful guy. The only thing I would critique is your voice is strong and that’s what musical theatre is, but I didn’t like the production. It was like Les Mis mixed with The Lion King. I love it when you just perform the song and I think that was detracting from it.”

Simon: “Joe, I thought that was the perfect song for you. It’s what you’re all about. I actually liked the production. The only thing I didn’t like was you’ve got to stop this kind of stage school swaying. You’ve got to have confidence to take the mic and believe in yourself. I don’t think you’re the best male singer in the competition. Having said that, I think you’re commercial, I think you know who you are, and I think you should enjoy this moment. That was very good.”

Cheryl: “Every week I love working with you even more. You’re starting to feel like a little brother to me and I’m so proud to watch you up there. Well done.”

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Stacey Solomon X Factor Rock week 4

As usual Stacey Solomon was amazing again last night on The X  Factor. This weeks theme was  rock week, Stacey was a true picture of beauty as well. I am sure she is through after some of the other – lets face it dire performances last night. Not sure what was going on Cheryl Coles choice in dress last night but it was also dire

And heres is what the dudges has to say

Joe McElderry – ‘Don’t Stop Believin”

Dannii: “Joe, I just have to say the voice is exceptional and you are an absolute star, honestly. What I loved about that performance is it’s the first time we’ve seen you moving in amongst the audience and you absolutely looked so comfortable, and they adore you.”

Louis: “On paper, I didn’t think this was going to work. It’s a big, big rock anthem. But you absolutely won me over. The little boy has become a man, and Joe, don’t stop believing. I believe you’re going to be in the final.”

Simon: “Joe, you’re one of the most consistent performers we have in the competition. Whatever’s thrown at you, you do your best. It was a little bit limp and stage-schooly in parts, but the singing was excellent.”

Cheryl: “I loved it. You know what it is Joe, you sometimes even impress me because you give that extra 20%. All of the north east is rooting for you, and the calls I’ll get tonight about this performance will be through the roof. You’re going all the way to the end.”

Lucie Jones – ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’

Louis: “I loved you last week when you sang jazz and I loved you this week when you sang rock. You’re one of the most versatile contestants and professional performers in this contest. You can sing anything and Simon, I think you owe her an apology for last week. You are great.”

Cheryl: “Last week, you totally won me over and I started to think maybe this is the direction you should go in, maybe you should be this singer. And then tonight I started to think maybe she should be an Avril Lavigne-style singer. I’m impressed, you did a great job with a tough song. Well done.”

Simon: “Let me go back to last week. The reason I didn’t like you was because you were boring. And this is what’s frustrating me – you’re a good singer, 18 years old, and you were being made to be old-fashioned. However, tonight I take that back. Because on paper this shouldn’t have worked, but you gave it 100% and made yourself contemporary. I agree with what Cheryl said – it was an Avril Lavigne-type performance. You’re starting to find direction as a real teenage pop artist.”

Dannii: “Well I was absolutely taken aback by the rockiness that came out in your voice this week so thank you for rock week. That’s the comment you wanted [from Simon] so I’m so proud and happy for you. Enjoy it.”

Danyl Johnson – ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’

Dannii: “Danyl, it’s always a tough one for anyone who lands in the bottom two to get back on the stage, and at some point other people in the competition are going to have to go through that so we know how you’re feeling. I felt like it was sad to see, you’ve lost your mojo. I feel like you’ve been stripped back too much and it’s not your natural performance. At the end of the song you hit your stride and the big notes were fantastic, but it was out of tune right at the beginning then throughout. I just want to see you get up there and rock it.”

Louis: “I want to be absolutely honest with you. There’s no way you should have been in the bottom two last week, absolutely no way. This is a talent show, and you’re a very talented guy. I know you’ve had a setback, but I want people at home to give you a second chance. You have something special. Pick yourself up and get back in the race, because that’s life.”

Cheryl: “I’m finding this a little bit uncomfortable to be honest. You’ve obviously had a massive dent to your confidence, and it’s apparent. Rachel was in the bottom two for the first two weeks and she came out and fought for her position. That’s what you needed to do. You do it, you do everything well, you just don’t do it for me.”

Simon: “Here’s the problem, you’ve got contradictory things going on here. When he comes out confident he’s cocky, when he decides to tone it down he needs to be cocky. I think I know what the issue is, and it’s nothing to do with being in the bottom two. When you have to read headlines like you’re the most hated contestant, it’s going to affect you. Having said that, you’ve got to take it on the chin. You’re still probably the best singer still in the competition. I genuinely hope the public vote for you this week, Danyl, because you deserve it.”

Lloyd Daniels – ‘I Kissed A Girl’

Dannii: “Lloyd, I bet every one of your female fans wishes that was sung about them. You’re the heartthrob. It was a great performance. I found at times your voice was drowned out by the track. I would love to hear something a bit more melodic, but it’s the most comfortable you’ve been on stage, so well done.”

Louis: “Lloyd, listen, when I said I’d put you in a boyband that was a compliment. I think you’re a great little pop singer, but the theme this week was rock and you sang a pop song. You slightly cheated. But I really like you, I know girls are going to vote for you, but you’re going to have to start singing better.”

Simon: “Louis, you’ve got to stop believing you create the rules in this competition! You’re becoming so boring. What was good about tonight is you’re only 16, it was a quirky song, and it made you relevant. The vocals at the beginning were actually pretty bad, but in the second part of the track you got more comfortable. It was a million times better this week than it was last week.”

Cheryl: “You know what, Lloyd, we took a great risk. Every teenage girl, especially girls on Facebook, are going to wish you were singing that about them, and you know what, you are a little popstar. No, you shouldn’t be in a band, because everyone loves you just how you are. On your own.”

Stacey Solomon – ‘Somewhere Only We Know’

Louis: “Stacey, you’re definitely the most popular girl. Everywhere I go people love you. You’re very consistent, you tick all the boxes. I wasn’t crazy about the song choice – it was a little bit boring – but I love you.”

Cheryl: “I’m actually going to totally disagree. I loved that song choice for you. The thing we love most about you is your personality, and I want to see more of that, because I know you’re definitely going to be here next week. A bit more personality in your song and you’re swimming, you’re there.”

Simon: “It’s extraordinary, that was like an X Factor miracle tonight. You walked! Literally, I mean, I’m more impressed with you walking than you singing. As I said, you haven’t moved in three weeks. I thought it was a good choice of song, I think it made you relevant… I thought it was terrific. One of your best performances.”

Dannii: “She can walk, she can move! I loved the performance and we’re going to see you here next week, so vote Stacey!”

Jamie Archer – ‘Get Your Rocks Off’

Dannii: “Jamie, you’re absolutely in your element when you’re doing that kind of song. I know that’s your roots, where you come from, and you don’t need to hide that at all. It was a great performance, but for me there was something special when you performed the song ‘Hurt’. There were whispers you were going to do a different song, something to make you contemporary rather than doing an old rock song, but you’re an amazing performer and singer.”

Louis: “Jamie, it was a great performance, but like I said on the VT there’s nothing original about you. There are 100 guys doing what you do in pubs. You’re like a Lenny Kravitz impersonator, but it’s not real rock. In the world of Kerrang and NME you’re not a real rocker.”

Cheryl: “There’s never been a rock week on X Factor before, then all of a sudden Simon has a rock act and we have rock week. Weird. Anyway, that was the most comfortable, original performance you’ve given so far, so well done.”

Simon: “Are you saying that I chose this week… that’s spiteful. The problem is Jamie, once again, what do you do? You came from that background, you want to be a rock singer, it’s rock week, and you choose a rock song. What else are you supposed to do? I don’t get it – I thought of all tonight’s performances this was the most authentic. You were terrific tonight.”

Rachel Adedeji – ‘One’

Louis: “Rachel, it was an incredible song choice. I didn’t think it was a good idea on paper, but you made that song your own. It was very emotional, soulful, vulnerable… in fact it was the most emotional performance of the entire night.”

Cheryl: “It was a very, very clever song choice, because Mary J Blige did that with U2 and you got to show the soul in your voice. Your voice is my favourite out of the girls and you deliver every week.”

Simon: “I liked the last third of the song. Where I had a slight issue was that Dannii is trying to turn you into her with the hair, the dress… I just felt your whole look, therefore presentation, made the song a bit cabaret.”

Dannii: “Rachel, that was amazing, an amazing performance. It was great because you just allowed yourself to be vulnerable. It reminded me of when I saw you at the judges’ homes with Kylie and it was just us in the room and you just sang. It’s just about your voice.”

John & Edward – ‘We Will Rock You’

Dannii: “Well, it is Halloween, and that was quite scary. I think you almost needed a satnav to find your way back to the lyrics at some point. I look forward to seeing you every week but I’m not sure I’d look forward to hearing you on the radio. You’ve really got to listen to the song.”

Cheryl: “The production was absolutely fantastic, everything going on. You’re definitely dressed for the occasion – Halloween. Yeah, I felt like I was rocking to that song. I don’t know what to say!”

Simon: “Well, it was night of the living dead. Singing Queen out of tune, possibly destroying Queen’s career forever. Look, guys, I credit you with tenacity. You’ve stayed in the competition, you’re thick-skinned. However, you cannot, cannot defend that singing tonight.”

Louis: “It’s all about a show. It’s two young kids living their dream. They’re having fun, the audience love them, they’re energetic, entertaining, exciting… this is what the music business is all about. Kids everywhere, all they want to see is John and Edward.”

Olly Murs – ‘Come Together’

Dannii: “Olly, I have to say I absolutely adore you. You are hot, hot, hot and the moves get better every week. The vocals are consistently brilliant. I’m not sure about the hair but I love you.”

Louis: “Olly, I think you’re the dark horse in the competition. You keep getting better, you’re the one artist that gets better every time we see you. You get more exciting. I think you’re in the final three.”

Cheryl: “You’re definitely the most progressed contestant in this competition. You come into yourself more and more each week. You really impressed me tonight.”

Simon: “Olly, I think as Louis said you’re progressing better than just about everybody right now. Now you’ve reached the point where you’ve got confidence and you’re learning how to perform. You sound like a credible artist, and I’m very, very proud of you, Olly. You did a great job.”

He is Staceys performance from last week

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Stacey Solomon week3 Xfactor What The Judges said

Olly Murs – ‘Bewitched’

Louis: “Olly, you are the dark horse of this competition. I watched you at home and you’re getting better and better. I liked that you didn’t pick a predictable song, you picked an unusual song. It was fantastic. You’re the boy next door, you can sing, you can dance, and you’re very, very likeable. You’re here for a long time.”

Dannii: “My friend, that was one classy big band performance. Olly the entertainer. You’ve been working with [Michael] Bublé, who has spent years working at the craft of milking every word and phrase, and you did that as well as all the dancing. I absolutely loved it.”

Cheryl: “What I love about you is you’re really coming into your own each week and growing a little bit more. I think I’m going to thoroughly enjoy watching you throughout this process. You get better and better each week.”

Simon: “Once again, you’re back in your comfort zone. I loved the two dancers – I know what it’s like working with two witches. Joke! And you know, girls [Cheryl and Dannii], it’s not about being smug, it’s about looking after your contestants. What we’ve been able to sort out is what kind of artist you should be. The whole point in making big band work is you’ve got to have style, you’ve got to have charisma, and you’ve got to have confidence. You scored on all three.”

Lloyd Daniels – ‘Fly Me To The Moon’

Louis: “Lloyd, little Lloyd from Wales, I’m a big supporter of you. I know big band’s not really, really your thing. If I was doing a boyband in the morning, I’d put you as the lead singer, but I think you need to be in a band. I think as a solo artist you’re a bit lost. I don’t think you’ve got the confidence. And I’ve never seen Frank Sinatra do a backflip, so I don’t think the backflip was great.”

Dannii: “I totally disagree! I think the backflip was entertaining. Somewhere halfway through you hit your stride and got comfortable. But up until halfway I was looking in your eyes and you were doubting yourself a little. It took confidence to get back on your feet and big band is not your strength. You need to be filling every phrase of the song, not waiting until the big note and you get it.”

Simon: “I think your issue is you’ve got to get some confidence. It was quite obvious at the start you didn’t have much confidence. You were looking over at Cheryl for confidence. When you’re good, you’re very good. There were tiny moments in the song where I thought you were very good. Having said that, doing a backflip when singing ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ is like eating a sandwich while swimming. You don’t do the two together, it doesn’t work. I think you’ve got to sort your head out right now. One thing we don’t do is patronise and you’ve got to get better.”

Cheryl: “The criticism last week knocked you. I totally get it. I watched it back and thought you were fantastic, by the way. Tonight was about coming out here and having fun. The backflip was a bit of fun and showed the youth in the song, and these lot [the audience] absolutely loved it!”

Miss Frank – ‘That’s Life’

Dannii: “Girls, all I have to say tonight is you are back in the race! You really came back tonight with your strength and what made you unique in the first place. Shar, you stepped up.”

Cheryl: “I absolutely loved it. This is why we loved you in the beginning. You updated a classic and gave it attitude. Graziella, I loved your rap and this is what you’re about. This needs to continue, it’s what makes you original. Absolutely fantastic.”

Simon: “This is the first time since the live shows when I actually started to believe in you as a group. You look completely different to what you did last week. You look fantastic, you sounded much better and I can actually now see some chemistry between the three of you. What I like about you, particularly you, Graziella, is that you can take criticism, unlike others, on the chin. There’s no point kidding yourself, it wasn’t good last week, and you understood that and came back fighting. It was a million times better and I genuinely hope you stay in the competition.”

Louis: “Girls, all I can say is I’m really proud of you. I watched you from home last week, it wasn’t great, but you’re a different group tonight. You look like a world class girl group and there’s a big gap in the market. Graziella, I loved your rap, Shar and Shaniece you were brilliant. All I need now is for people to vote for you. I believe in you. Fantastic.”

Rachel Adedeji – ‘Proud Mary’

Louis: “Rachel, I could not believe last week you were in the bottom two. I can’t understand, you’re an amazing singer. You own the stage. I’m glad you’ve got your confidence back. People, give Rachel a chance, she deserves to be on this stage. Pick up the phone and vote.”

Cheryl: “You’ve got guts, you’ve got determination, you’re full of personality, and most of all you can sing, girl! You know what, whenever I speak to my boys about who they get on with, it’s you they’re always talking about. Hope tonight is your night and the public vote for you, because you deserve to be in the competition.”

Simon: “I’ve got no idea who you are because you’re not the person we’ve been seeing for the past two weeks. Literally, it’s like seeing a brand new competitor. The last two weeks you were acting Louis’s age, to be honest. You’ve been too serious. You’ve lost the silly haircut and started to have fun. It was a great vocal, a superb performance, and for the very, very first time I’m starting to see the person you really are. And again, no whining. You just came back and proved a point. I think you are in with a shot now. Congratulations.”

Dannii: “Rachel, that’s how it’s done! I just want to thank you for putting up with me. I don’t think I’ve got it right with you up until now. I’m listening to the criticism, taking it on board and putting it into your performance. I know you do the rest so easily, so thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Jamie Archer – ‘Angel Of Harlem’

Louis: “Jamie, I’m a little bit confused. The theme this week is big band and you come out and sing a U2 song. It’s not big band, Bono wouldn’t want it filed under big band. I know your mentor Simon changed the song, but I feel like it’s cheating on everyone else. You’re a great performer but that was like a karaoke version of a U2 song. I don’t think it’s fair. I don’t blame you, I’m blaming Simon. There are rules in the show. I wouldn’t get away with it and neither would the girls.”

Dannii: “It was rich, you’re a true pro to get up and do that. I don’t think it had the magic of last week, but you’re a great performer. You can own the stage just by yourself.”

Cheryl: “It’s really tough to have 24 hours to learn a song, come out and perform. I’ve got to give it to you for that. Parts of the song I thought, ‘Wow, it’s really going somewhere’, but to be totally honest with you it didn’t excite me as much as last week. But well done for coming out and singing it.”

Simon: “I agree with what they said. It wasn’t as good as last week, but that’s because we had 24 hours to prepare. I think I made the right decision. I think you lost your way at one point towards the end, but for Louis to sit here like someone who works for the council with a silly little rule book… I don’t think [Louis] is in a position to preach to us about musical taste knowing about the two horrors [John & Edward] who are about to come up.”

Stacey Solomon – When You Wish Upon A Star

Louis: “Stacey, all I can say is wow. What a transformation. I loved your song, I loved the song choice. It was incredible. You definitely got the emotion, and everybody loves you, Stacey. Everybody loves you.”

Cheryl: “I’ll start off by saying you look like a little princess! You look absolutely beautiful in that dress. For me it wasn’t the best I’ve heard you sing, but I still enjoyed it because I just love you, Stacey.”

Simon: “I agree with Cheryl, I think you looked better than you sounded. I really, really, really do like you. I know when I criticise you everyone boos, but I want you to do well. I thought it was just a bit robotic, but the second half was better. So you’ve got to learn to perform songs. At the moment all you’re doing is standing the middle and singing. You’re not doing anything else.”

Dannii: “I think I should explain that you had your hardest week this week. Stacey came to me and locked the door and was in floods of tears. Everybody has a week where they hit the wall. I’m so proud of you for getting up there and doing it. I know you can do it. No-one appreciates this more than you do.”

Danyl Johnson – ‘Feeling Good’

Louis: “Danyl, some people were born to sing and entertain and you’re absolutely one of them. You owned the stage and took on a really big song. I think you’re unstoppable in this competition and I think it was the most authentic performance of the night.”

Dannii: “Danyl, I have a lot of respect for you for making that your version. It’s been covered many times but that was very good. And you look hot!”

Cheryl: “You look the part, you sounded the part, it was a great song choice. It was another great performance for Danyl Johnson.”

Simon: “I think we’ve got to remind ourselves what we’re looking for on the show. We’re trying to find someone who can represent this country all over the world, and I don’t think you’ve had enough credit in the competition so far. Week after week you go out there and give 150%, and in my opinion that was in a completely different league to anything else we’ve heard so far.”

Joe McElderry – ‘Sway’

Louis: “Joe, I know you were so nervous. I want to tell everyone at home you’re one of the nicest contestants. Backstage, you’re always so nice. You’ve absolutely got likeability. You’re going to be in the competition until the very, very end.”

Dannii: “Yes, you’re such a nice guy, you sing perfectly every time and no-one makes me smile more, honestly. You managed the snake hips very well! It’s just that your other performances, you’ve taken on mature songs, and maybe with the older dancers you looked like a little boy. It’s not a bad thing, you’re cute and it won’t go against you. Please stay in the competition.”

Simon: “I have to hand it to you. Whatever’s thrown at you, you rise to the challenge. You sang very well. I didn’t think the performance was particularly authentic – you’ve got about as much Latin flair as a dolphin, because that’s not you. The important thing with you, because you are going to be in the competition next week, is you’ve got to prove you’re a recording artist and not just a cutesy performer. There is a difference.”

Cheryl: “I think you showed you can sing in the last two weeks, and tonight you showed you can perform. It was sparkly, sexy, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved it.”

Lucie – ‘My Funny Valentine’

Louis: “Lucie, there must be something in the water in Wales, because they keep churning out great performers. That was a great, amazing performance. It’s a classic song and there were no tricks, no dancing, no dancers. You did the hardest thing – it was just you and your voice. It was an incredible performance.”

Cheryl: “I have to say, Lucie, in the past two weeks something was not connecting, but tonight you absolutely proved me wrong. That was stunning. Beautiful. It was effortless, all over your face, it was authentic. Just beautiful. That’s the first thing that’s given me goosebumps tonight, well done.”

Simon: “I thought it was a very, very good vocal. Far, far better than what we’ve heard before. Having said that, you sang it like an actress. I didn’t get what I wanted to get out of it. It was a good performance, but I don’t know what it was. It’s difficult to describe. It was a great vocal… maybe it was just a vocal.”

Dannii: “Can I just say, that was just sensational. It was classy, it was the best performance, and I want to thank Cheryl for her comments last week. I don’t think I chose the right things for you before, but this was amazing. I don’t appreciate Simon’s comments – you cannot fault that performance. He’s scared of you!”

John & Edward – ‘She Bangs’

Dannii: “Well, guys, that was some performance. I mean, you are the luckiest brothers ever – those girls were hot around you! You know what, I’m really torn here because I don’t know what to say. The singing isn’t of the standard that’s going to follow Alexandra Burke to win the show but it’s entertaining. I don’t want you to take a spot away from my girls but you know, it was a great performance.”

Cheryl: “John and Edward… Right. OK. You know what, you are two of the nicest kids I’ve ever met. I think the boos are pantomime, don’t take it on board. You know what, you’re becoming my guilty pleasure. Each week I can’t wait to see what you’re going to come out with next.”

Simon: “I don’t think I can do this anymore. OK, let me try and be constructive here… and I’m struggling. Look, if you heard it on the radio, it would probably be one of the worst things you ever heard, but I give you some credit for at least putting on a show and having fun. But then I take it back to being a singing competition, and this is appalling.”

Louis: “Simon, it is a TV show. You’re never going to please all the people all of the time. Simon signed an act once called Zig and Zag, and you’re better than them! You’re getting better and it was your best performance yet. Some people are rude in the audience. Some people like them and some people are going to vote for them.”

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Stacey Solomon through again

Stacey Solomon sang amazingly this week, there was mention of a small wardrobe malfunction and I have to agree – Stacey has a amazingly natural busty figure and would look simply great in most things but she looked a little on edge with what she was styled in for the show. One of her friends has come forward and commented that she always had low self-esteem

Stacey used to be picked on because of her looks – I bet there all the jealous ones now though cause Stacey you are simply stunning

“I’ve seen Stacey grow up and she wasn’t exactly a beauty as a child,” the insider said. “Stacey was very shy, too. She had a hard time at school.

“I remember her as a little girl with sticky-out ears and crooked teeth. No-one would believe it now, though. She’s blossomed into a swan and is such a lovely person, too.

“She’s always lacked confidence – maybe because of her appearance. She’s very humble. Perhaps that’s why she can’t believe she’s in the finals.”

Check our her Saturday performance below and Stacey if you are reading this – let go of the past because you are stunning

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