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After stunning the judges last week on The X Factor, bubbly single teenage mum Stacey Solomon talks to GMTV about her experience so far.

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Stacey Solomon boot camp video

Here is out lovely Stacey Solomon singing her hart out in boot camp. Stacey shocked judges last week with her amazing perfomance on The X Factor and yet again proves dont judge a book by its cover. Stacey surely has to go to the X Factor judges houses with this perfomance.

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The X Factor second highest ratings ever, thanks to Susan Boyle

Simon Cowell thanks Susan Boyle

Simon Cowell thanks Susan Boyle

THE X Factor launch 11.7 million – and Simon Cowell puts it down to Susan Boyle.

A staggering 11.7million tuned in to watch Saturday nights X Factor and see its new format .Simon’s decision to hold auditions in front of a live studio audience is now down to thelegendary Susan Boyle audition on sister show Britain’s Got Talent, which became a worldwide YouTube sensation.

“Susan Boyle changed auditions forever.”

“If she had walked on to the X Factor like it used to be it would not have been as dramatic.

“Giving people a crowd to perform in front of makes it harder and more exciting.

“It makes or breaks you. It can turn a good performance into an incredible one.”

Saturday’s X Factor was watched by 54 per cent of the telly audience.

The figure is a massive boost for Simon, who admited he had become bored of the shows original format.

“Danyl Johnson and Stacey Solomon are examples of just how much the show had improved.”

“He gave an incredible audition. He’s got a seriously, seriously good voice.”

“You watch it and it immediately has the wow factor. The show has stepped up a gear.”

“And it’s great for the viewers. It’s feel-good telly and that’s something we could seriously do with in Britain right now.”

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Stacey solomon xfactor makes it to THE SUNDAY MIRROR!

Xfactor stunner Stacey Solomon makes it into the british press, the stunning Xfactor babe is one of the current hots on favorites for the winnng place in the Xfactor final after stunning Simon Cowell and the rest of the judges of Xfactor last night


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Stacey Solomon wants to win The XFactor for her son

Stacey Soloman X Factor

Stacey Soloman X Factor

Stacey Solomon would like to win The X Factor for her 17-month-old son.

Stacey wowed the judges with her performance lastnight of Louis Armstrong’s ‘What A Wonderful World’, and more to the point as well took Simon Cowell “by surprise”.

Speaking to to the Sunday Mirror : “It would mean everything. I’d be able to get Zachary into a good school and get him all the things he needed. Single motherhood is tough, but I’m determined to be the one that provides for my son.”

Solomon now has to juggling being a mother whilst working at a pub and being a musical theatre studies student and on top of all that  Xfactor.

I thought you where great stacey and I am sure alot of people will be wanting to see alot more of you.

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Stacey Solomon xfactor

stacey solomon xfactor

stacey solomon xfactor

Stacey Solomon suprised The X Factor judges last nigh

t as she sang a soulful rendition of Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World after a quirky style introduction.

Simon Cowell was initially stunned into silence proving first impressions can be wrong, even Dannii Minogue was reduced to tears.

Simon Cowell ‘Stacey, I am rarely surprised but that took me by surprise. You are really good.’

Cheryl Cole also added: ‘I had a preconceived idea of what you might sound like. I didn’t expect you to be that good.’

Stacey Solomon is a stunning young mum and is sure to get  many a mans hart racing accross the UK in the next few weeks , to top it all she has a lovly bubbly personality.

Stacey has said she would be  ‘returning to normality’ following her audition and added  ‘I’m sorry, I’ve been told I can’t say anything by the top people. I’m sorry, I don’t want to get in trouble

See Staceys audition below

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